Open Action Kit: Design Personas

New Natalia

Natalia is a librarian new to open advocacy, but is excited to celebrate Open Access Week for the first time at her university. She will be organizing outreach and events primarily alone.

Goals: Raise awareness about Open Access and her new position
Needs: Materials and ideas
Experience: Low
Institutional Environment: Medium sized institution that isn’t research intensive. There is some awareness of Open Access.

Amped Up Amal

Amal had a successful Open Access Week last year. Her library did a mini campaign by sending faculty postcards about Open Access Week and the institutional repository, and hosted a screening of The Internet’s Own Boy. She was thrilled at the success, and wants to grow her library’s Open Access Week events this year! She will primarily be organizing the week alone, but would like to involve her colleagues in planning.

Goals: Get faculty to attend an Open Access Week event at the library, be able to demonstrate new interest in the institutional repository as a result of Open Access Week advocacy
Needs: Materials, ideas, help/collaboration
Experience: Medium
Institutional Environment: Supportive library, university community is interested in Open Access

Growing Gene

Gene is a librarian in a well-developed scholarly communication department at a R1 university. He’s collaborating with three colleagues to plan Open Access week events this year. He wants to grow Open Access Week from the university’s previous celebrations and produce more tangible advocacy results. The library has a small budget that can be used toward Open Access Week celebratory events.

Goals: Have an impactful, well attended series of Open Access events, build momentum to last throughout the year.
Needs: Ideas for engaging students with OA Week, ideas for how to communicate event with library administrators
Experience: High
Institutional Environment: R1 university, interest in Open Access, strong support from the library

Connected Cate

Cate works in a city with multiple institutions and organizations interested in Open Access. They’d like to take these connections and work together on larger events for this Open Access Week. Cate is hoping to leverage recent conversations about open government data to create smaller action teams with deliverables during Open Access Week.

Goals: Create small teams and deliverables around open government data using a community developed repository.
Needs: 10-12 volunteers with experience in data manipulation; 5 volunteers with basic knowledge of federal data repositories, large room for up to 50 participants, materials for advertising, platform to share results, strategy for follow-up
Experience: High
Institutional Environment: Multiple institutions of various sizes (mostly liberal arts colleges), libraries with strong focus on technology

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