Open Access Week is almost here, what do you have planned? You’re probably focused on working through your checklist, last minute outreach, or maybe you’re just starting to think about how to celebrate and raise awareness for Open on your campus.

We’ve pulled together a few reminders to get you to the finish line!

Have you seen the AMAZING OA Week posters Lorraine Chuen created on behalf of SPARC? You can download the editable design files to customize the posters for your social media campaign, event, or outreach efforts.

Campus partnerships can really level-up the impact of your advocacy work, so we’ve collected some ideas for building your community and extending your reach.

Partners and Promotion

While we’re on the topic of conversation starters, we wanted to have some real talk.

Listen, we know that being an Open champion can be tough stuff sometimes, especially during times of heightened advocacy and awareness. This OA Week, we want to encourage you to take time for yourself and to appreciate all your successes, no matter their size. We suggest pulling a Tom Haverford/Donna Meagle and treating yo self. Turn down that meeting! Buy a fancy lunch! Do what you gotta do to ensure that you feel good.

And you should feel good, because you’re all sorts of awesome.

Don’t forget, you can use the #OAweek hashtag to promote your action and connect with other open champions! Stay for more resources this month and in November that will help you evaluate and communicate your OA Week successes.

Got questions? Suggestions for content or other resources? Don’t hesitate to connect with a member of the Open Action Kit team.

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